Adult Ministries

Bothell UMC has a wide variety of adult ministries. You can find more info about the activities and how to join / participate below.

Small Groups

Small groups will meet from September 2017 to May 2018. The groups will get together for nine months on a regular basis (some weekly, some monthly, some bi-monthly) around a topic, practice or study.
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CORE Groups

CORE groups are small gatherings of 8-10 people who meet weekly to enrich each person’s core (soul) by practicing the following: Connect to God, Open to friendship, Reach out to the community, Explore the Bible.
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BUMC provides a variety of ways to enrich our minds and our souls with others. We study theology, spiritual disciplines, Scripture, and ethics.
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United Methodist Women (UMW)

Bothell United Methodist Women (UMW) provides a variety of ways for women of all ages to to develop leadership skills, support mission activities, and expand your circle of friends.
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United Methodist Men (UMM)

Bothell United Methodist Men (BUMM) are part of the national United Methodist Men’s program; providing an opportunity for men of the Church to come together in support of each other and their own faith journey, as well as providing support of various Church projects.
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